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Looks like they got another one :(

Woman disputes agreement for Florida timeshare | azfamily.com Phoenix.

My (non-legal) assessment is that, while it is entirely possible that Westgate Resorts is accurate in saying they are abiding the terms of their contract, I don’t think this necessarily means she has no recourse–I would love to imagine that she could sue them and win…That would be a true “david vs goliath” situation!

It amazes me to what lengths businesses (and individuals) go through to make sure they can retain an ever increasing share of the pie.

Westgate: Do what’s right. You have billions, she is unemployed. That is all.

That being said, The following links might be able to help more than the Better Business Bureau or 3 On Your Side have been able to:

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services: http://myfloridalegal.com/

Florida Attorney General: http://800helpfla.com/

This is a popular blog from an attorney who sometimes reviews news-worthy items (in a non-legal way).


And the legal side of popular news site, Gawker, because you’ll need all the support you can get against Westgate.


If you’d like, I’d love to post a redacted copy of the contract and review the tricky methods and nuances that timeshare seller and reseller companies are continuing to use to nail unsuspecting consumers to the proverbial cross.

Good luck, Jeanmarie!

PS: While you still own the property, you are welcome to post listing(s) on SellerLink.net for free.


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