South Carolina Road Rage

blog-sc-road-rageA example of how not to get two late night truckers driving up I-95 at 4:30 AM somewhere in the middle of South Carolina to unblock the interstate.

(Hint: Not by tailgating them and repeatedly flashing your high beams)

A small clip of this SC Road Rage that I made

Note: The ensuing excitement that results when the car finally passes the trucks after one of them tries to merge into and chase him is not shown because I obviously did not feel comfortable holding my camera phone while it was all happening :) Maybe next time!

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Halloween 2013: A postmortem observation

Ah, Halloween..

Those of you fortunate enough to live in these United States of America, we just finished another successful (depending on who you ask) Halloween holiday.  Autumn decorations, scary costumes, and of course, lots and lots of candy.

After the fateful night of kids wandering the streets (sometimes before), the masterfully carved pumpkins finally succumb to the environment and decay into nothing.  Filling our air with the foul stench of its rotting carcass if left unchecked.  It’s remains chucked into the landfill by the ton, and all is well again on Main St.

Indeed, this is such a natural part of life that this user on Flickr graciously and magnificently captured it in a video.  No doubt countless others, including me, have captured these moments before too because.. why not?

But I can’t help but notice a bit of irony.

Mr. Jack-o-Lantern fresh from the cutting room floor


Looks like the traditional pumpkin you would see all across the country all lit up inside with the shimmering of some sort of candle generally signifying to trick or treaters on Halloween night that this house is ready to distribute copious treats and maybe a few tricks.

Can you imagine it? I can. It is this imagery that is so engrained in our American psyche that maybe we overlook the somewhat obvious connection because, hey, candy tastes good!

Now look at what they did to him!


It’s obvious he has been through hell.  I guess pumpkin years are even more accelerated than humans or dogs because it looks like he went through in 6 days what it takes us a lifetime to see.

The spots of mold growing inside, dried out skin, visibly decaying all over.  He’s a goner.  But…It’s life and we see the same phenomena every year.  Nothing to see here…Or is there?

Let’s take a closer look.  Notice that in the before picture, there are distinctly three cut outs resembling teeth.

Now look. Only ONE!  The other two literally decayed and shriveled into nothing.  And yes, I am well aware that the pumpkin can’t partake in the celebration of candy, but isn’t it ironic that we see this happen after a holiday where all we do is eat candy?  Indeed, dentists across the country I’m sure are screaming at me saying “YES! This is what your face will look like!” Full of cavities, guaranteeing your dentist an extravagant salary at least until next Halloween when we do it all over again.

Is it really any coincidence that shortly after our latest national holiday where we celebrate eating copious amounts of sugar and chocolate (from strangers) that our teeth are the first to rot and fall out? I think not.  Remember, moderation is the key — but maybe those old grandmothers handing out apples had a bit more wisdom then we or I have given them credit for.

Stay healthy. :)


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FTC Timeshare Resale Efforts

Just a quick (and late) update about the recent efforts to round up some unscrupulous timeshare resale “companies”.

Who doesn’t love an Infographic?!

A well done infographic explaining the "method" behind some well-known timeshare resale scams (via

A well done infographic explaining the “method” behind some well-known timeshare resale scams (via

That about covers it, I think.

Another gem from this article is this: Recording of fraudulent timeshare resale marketing pitch – I would only add that this is probably an exception and not the rule for most of these companies.  Though, that really doesn’t make them any less of a scam — it just means they aren’t out-and-out lying about having buyers waiting, and such to convince unsuspecting and desperate owners (thanks to greedy resorts) to pay yet more money for broken promises.


It’s slightly refreshing to see news that the tide seems to be (slowly) turning.


In other news, Summer Bay Kissimmee, FL and owners et al have had a bad week :-(


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Free Timeshare Listing Websites

The timeshare resale market has long been plagued by scammers who have masterfully played off on timeshare owners desperation in trying to rid themselves of their “investment”.  For awhile, it seemed like the prospects for owners was rather grim — give your timeshare away, pay a resale company to not sell or rent it, or keep it and continue paying maintenance fees.

Life in America? Not quite!

Fortunately, the Internet has come to the rescue — again (You’re welcome! :P).  While low-cost solutions to this problem have long existed (,, the internet community has found a new way to help timeshare owners at least a little bit: Free Listings.  While the idea itself is not really new (think, applying such a novel concept to other areas, especially those that have been subjected to as many scams as timeshare resale, is I think a welcome trend.  Some examples of websites that currently offer real free timeshare advertising, and hopefully will work together to help owners even more, are:, (obviously!),, and even  If you know of any more, feel free to post a comment and I’ll edit the post to include it!

This trend will continue to gain momentum and finally provide timeshare owners with much needed “relief” from unscrupulous companies. If you are curious why I believe so strongly that it will continue, stay tuned for the next post where I will delve into the details.

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St Augustine, FL

Today’s spotlight is the quaint and historic “Oldest City”
St Augustine, FL

I recently had the opportunity to revisit some of the sights of this landmark destination, and so-called “one tank trip”, and thought it would be nice of me to share some of my experiences, pictures, and suggestions! What a guy :)

First, some geography.  The main, historic part of St Augustine sits near the mouth of the Matanzas River and close to the Atlantic Ocean.  It is a jam-packed 10 square mile city with an abundance of history, and culture. You can of course read far more about the city on Wikipedia.


Next, a brief mention of some of the timeshares and vacation properties that I found — with more information on St Augustine Resorts and even some eBay listings.  The major
player as far as I can tell, and I am admittedly far from an expert, is probably the “Resort at World Golf Village” and it sits just north of the city conveniently off I-95.


Bridge of Lions taken from Castillo de San Marcos

The Bridge of Lions, Flagler College, Lighthouse, Cathedral Basilica, countless museums, and of course the Castillo de San Marcos were all highly enjoyable and majestic, as always. Also, the “Main Street” through downtown was calm, welcoming, and had an especially nice wine tasting from Vino del Grotto Winery, and a slice of home, er cuban churro and cafe con leche from The Cuban Bakery was a nice surprise.

There is so much more to see here. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and at least go there once – you won’t regret it!  And hey, you might find some good vacation rentals on or somewhere else to make it more affordable.

I’d love to hear any comments from you guys so please post away.

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Support TPB AFK!

The Pirate Bay – Away From Keyboard is set to worldwide premiere this FRIDAY February 8, 2013!

The first feature length film to be immediately released as a “Creative Commons-Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivs” allowing anyone, anywhere to share pretty much however they like and finally prove to the world that information CAN be free :-)

I’m looking forward to the behind-the-scenes footage of their amazing and bold responses to mostly US-based companies DMCA requests to remove their torrent content.

It should be epic.  Please consider supporting them and their (our) cause!

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[Web] Woman disputes agreement for Florida timeshare | Phoenix

Looks like they got another one :(

Woman disputes agreement for Florida timeshare | Phoenix.

My (non-legal) assessment is that, while it is entirely possible that Westgate Resorts is accurate in saying they are abiding the terms of their contract, I don’t think this necessarily means she has no recourse–I would love to imagine that she could sue them and win…That would be a true “david vs goliath” situation!

It amazes me to what lengths businesses (and individuals) go through to make sure they can retain an ever increasing share of the pie.

Westgate: Do what’s right. You have billions, she is unemployed. That is all.

That being said, The following links might be able to help more than the Better Business Bureau or 3 On Your Side have been able to:

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services:

Florida Attorney General:

This is a popular blog from an attorney who sometimes reviews news-worthy items (in a non-legal way).

And the legal side of popular news site, Gawker, because you’ll need all the support you can get against Westgate.

If you’d like, I’d love to post a redacted copy of the contract and review the tricky methods and nuances that timeshare seller and reseller companies are continuing to use to nail unsuspecting consumers to the proverbial cross.

Good luck, Jeanmarie!

PS: While you still own the property, you are welcome to post listing(s) on for free.


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Florida’s Gulf Coast – Buy, Sell, Rent Timeshares and Vacation Properties for free!


Another beautiful Florida Gulf Coast Sunset!








Check out all of these great resorts located right here on the Gulf Coast of Florida!



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El Moro Beach Tower El Cid at Mazatlán Mexico


El Moro Beach Tower El Cid at Mazatlán Mexico – Buy, Sell, Rent by Owner

Check out this incredible resort from one of the “Wonders of Mexico”! (Source: Wikipedia)

Newly listed Wyndham VIP points from $0.07/point resale and $150/night rental!

Have comments, ratings, reviews, or complaints about this resort or others? Please share it with us!

Happy timesharing!

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FREE Timeshare Resale and Vacation Rental Advertising

FREE Timeshare Resale and Vacation Rental Advertising

That’s right!  Calling all Timeshare owners and Brokers to post ALL of their timeshare listings (for sale AND rental) on absolutely free for life.  No catches, or gimmicks – finally, some ACTUAL relief for timeshare owners.

All you need to sign up is your email address or Facebook account – Visit us now!

All inquiries are forwarded directly to you via email.  We also offer limited support via email and telephone – so if you have ANY questions, please feel free to contact us!

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